Human Condition are an 80s cover duo currently based in the north west of England; formed in 2008 and originally a studio project they've now taken their show on the road playing a range of much loved pop and electronic tunes from the era with a sound that is both authentic and distinctive.
Human Condition are an 80s cover duo currently based in the north west of England; formed in 2008 and originally a studio project they've now taken their show on the road playing a range of much loved pop and electronic tunes from the era with a sound that is both authentic and distinctive.

Vocal duties are performed with aplomb by Abby Wallis whilst Mat Hall fulfils the traditional 80s role of "guy at the back surrounded by electronic gear" and provides backing vocals. Combining top-notch musicianship with state-of-the-art digital synthesis and vintage gear allows them to produce a sound that many larger bands would strive to achieve, blending authenticity with a distinctive sound that brings the hits of the decade kicking and screaming in to the 21st century and appeals to a wide audience. No backing tracks are involved - this is a LIVE show!

The repertoire includes the following tracks:
  • Always On My Mind (Pet Shop Boys)
  • Are 'Friends' Electric? (Gary Numan)
  • Broken Wings (Mister Mister)
  • Cars (Gary Numan)
  • Das Modell (Kraftwerk)
  • Don't Go (Yazoo)
  • Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)
  • Enola Gay (OMD)
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears)
  • Gold (Spandau Ballet)
  • Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics)
  • Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins)
  • It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys)
  • Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode)
  • Living On the Ceiling (Blancmange)
  • Look of Love (ABC)
  • Love Action (Human League)
  • Love to Hate You (Erasure)
  • Mad World (Tears For Fears)
  • New Life (Depeche Mode)
  • People Are People (Depeche Mode)
  • Rio (Duran Duran)
  • Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)
  • Shout (Tears For Fears)
  • Situation (Yazoo)
  • Sometimes (Erasure)
  • Stop! (Erasure)
  • The Sun Always Shines On TV (a-ha)
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics)
  • Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
  • Together in Electric Dreams (Giorgio Moroder/Phil Oakey)
  • Too Shy (Kajagoogoo)
  • Video Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles)
  • Vienna (Ultravox)

Click here to check out some tracks then email us to make a booking; we're sure once you've heard us you'll be unable to resist!

The band carries full PLI and provides its own lighting and state of the art PA equipment, and will travel to all corners of the globe.

Greetings, hello and welcome!
Here at Human Condition we like to give our fans an insight into our adventures away from the stage as well as on it, so bookmark this page for all kinds of informational snippets, developments and occasional polls and quizzes as we love to hear from you! You can also follow our adventures on the road here.

I'm a Celebrity! (5th November)
OK, not really but we are having a promo shoot with local legend Simon J. Newbury tomorrow. It's very exciting, especially as we are planning on using the photos for our new acoustic act!

BOXjam IV (28th October)
We're so excited to play this local charity event, having worked behind the scenese previously. We're on the Electric Stage around 5pm and Adrian has a comfy spot out the back so we can relax, catch as many other musicians as we can and generally enjoy ourselves. Hopefully we can all raise loads for charidee!

Nailbiting! (21st October)
Well, it was a bit scary taking Adrian into town last night, lots of people outside the pub and very busy traffic so we had to find an alternative parking spot but we managed it in the end, the loading/unloading was definitely easier than the car and it was a good gig so all's well.

The Big Test (20th October)
Apologies for the hiatus – we've been getting acclimatised to life on the road. We took a break in the New Forest and ended up with one crisis after another! It was an interesting few weeks that's for sure. (You can find all the in depth gossip over on the blog). In gig related news Adrian's having his first official outing today as we play an out-of-town gig in Manchester at The Cheers Bar. We've a nearby campsite lined up, we've sussed out the parking and we're all set!

Meet Adrian (19th September)
The big day has finally arrived, no going back now, Adrian is all ours!

Farewell Gig (15th September 2012)
At our last gig (for a while, we will be back in the area in the future) the crowd at The Flying Lady in Crewe did us proud – we had an excellent evening with everyone getting into the party mood; singing and dancing along. Our Yazoo numbers were especially popular with both being requested for another play - in all we did three extra numbers and would have played even more but for the fact our vocalist was starting to lose her voice! We're back there in the new year and looking forward to it already. :)

The Big Reveal! (11th September 2012)
Drumroll please for our big announcement... We're hitting the road!

In a crazy moment of madness we've bought an RV and will be cramming our worldly goods into it and taking off around the country, and maybe even the continent. We intend to play any and everywhere that will have us, and we're working on an acoustic set so we can tackle some busking to help us on our way. You can follow all our goings on here.

Zzzzzz..... (5th September 2012)
Apologies for the radio silence, we haven't really been snoozing; we've been hidden away in our secret underground lair, hard at work, plotting and planning some exciting future developments. We can't reveal all just yet but over the next week or so stay with us because we will be dropping hints along the way and we want you all to be as excited as we are. :)

Northwich Music Festival (26th August 2012)
Our third festival performance of the year - we're on at 2pm on Sunday. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Winners!!! (19th August 2012)
We are such lucky peeps! Absolute 80s Radio ran a competition for tickets to Rewind Festival at Henley-on-Thames and we only went and won! We had a fantastic day with so many classic 80s tunes, we especially loved Marc Almond and Wang Chung and there was something special being in a crowd of thousands all singing along to John Parr's 'Man in Motion'. We can feel an 80s filmfest coming on soon...

Check out our snaps here.

Gigs A-Go-Go (18th August 2012)
Double Trouble time for us this weekend as we have an afternoon slot at The Fox, Elworth followed by a full evening show at The Cosey, Haslington with master DJ Colin Cook in control of the decks - we're really looking forward to this one!

Top Night At The Tav (11th August 2012)
After an enjoyable afternoon playing with our good friends The BlueYellows for their EP launch we were asked back for a proper gig at The Market Tavern and what a gig it was - the weather was kind to us so we could play on the outdoor stage and a happy Hen Party sang and danced along with us!

Come On Feel The Noise! (4th August 2012)
We knew we shouldn't, but we just couldn't resist - a trip to Cookies Sound in Stoke led to the purchase of a stonking new PA system. All hail the LD Maui28s! The line array brings a fantastic new sound to our gigs (as tested at our first out-of-town venue in Chorley) and allows much more freedom of stage set up as there are no feedback issues. Plus they look really, really cool.

Time to Party! (3rd August 2012)
A day out today as we play make believe at the filming of Gridiron UK - they needed extras for a party scene and the film is set in the 80s so we just had to volunteer. It was a surreal experience but really good fun. Hopefully our dancing was up to scratch and we'll make the final reel and not end up on the cutting room floor.

A Furry Friend... (1st August 2012)
We've picked up a new fan on our travels, and she's keen to lend her support behind the scenes as well as on the road. Here she is helping maintain quality control on our latest recordings.

Fiesta! (28th July 2012)
Another festival for us this weekend - Congleton Music Festival & Family Funday. Let's hope it's not welly weather!

Have Your Say! Part 2 (22 July 2012)
The votes have been counted and it was so tight at the top that we've decided to add the top 3 to the set. Das Modell, Vienna, and Love Action will be making an appearance over our next few gigs, so be sure to come to them all so you don't miss your favourite!

Have Your Say! (16th July 2012)
We're always on the lookout (or should that be hearout?) for new material to add to our setlist so pose this question for you all to let us know what you think. Should it be Kraftwerk or a spot of Human League. We like them all so there's only one way to find out... FIGHT!

It's For Charidee! (13th July 2012)
A newly formed local autism charity 'Rainbow Puzzles' hosted their first fundraiser and we were pleased to join the lineup. A hectic night (our Mr Synth stepped in at the eleventh hour as sound engineer for all the bands) but good fun, and for a worthwhile cause.

With A Little Help From Our Friends (7th July 2012)
We were honoured to be asked by our fellow musicians The BlueYellows to play at the launch of their debut EP 'All These Things Right Now'. It was a fantastic day, they played the most fantastic set and we did our best to round off the proceedings with gusto. It was lots of fun to play to a home crowd. :)

Over The Airwaves (16th June 2012)
Back on the radio again - this time on Redshift Radio's Late Selector. We performed live in the studio (it was quite something to squeeze all the synths and associated gubbins in there) and really enjoyed getting some lovely comments via the online community following that show.

Crewe Live (2nd June 2012)
Our very first festival! (And only our second gig). We took to the stage at The Waldron Pub, headlining on the Saturday night of this four day music extravaganza. The pub was packed and we really enjoyed the atmosphere - and we even had some dancing going on. Win!

Stage Fright (25th May 2012)
We must confess to feeling the nerves a little before our debut gig at The Jolly Tar, Wardle. We rehearsed mercilessly to make sure we were at our best for our first ever gig and, a couple of minor hiccups aside it went really well - particularly as our singer had never performed on stage before, ever!

Grand Radio Debut (4th May 2012)
We're heeeeeerrrre! After being a longterm side project to our other endeavours Human Condition is finally born and we made our public debut on community radio station This Is The Cat and their purrfectly apt Friday night show - Purrfect 80s! The folks there were lovely and we had a cracking evening chatting with Steph and Rach, enjoyed some quality tunes of the era and had the first play of our tracks to, hopefully, an appreciative audience!

25th 21:00 :: The Jolly Tar, Wardle

2nd 21:00 :: Crewe Live @ The Waldron, Crewe
9th 21:00 :: The Crown, Crewe

5th 21:00 :: The Imp, Crewe
7th 15:00-19:00 :: BlueYellows EP Launch @ Market Tavern, Sandbach
13th 19:30 :: Rainbow Puzzles Charity Night @ The Crosville Club, Crewe
28th 12:00 :: Congleton Music Festival @ The Unicorn, West Heath, Congleton

4th 21:30 :: The Hop Pocket, Chorley
11th 21:30 :: The Market Tavern, Sandbach
18th 15:00 :: The Fox, Elworth
18th 21:00 :: The Cosey Club, Haslington
26th 14:00 :: Northwich Festival

15th 21:30 :: The Flying Lady, Crewe

20th 21:30 :: The Cheers Bar, Manchester
28th TBC :: BoxJam, The Box, Crewe

10th 21:00 :: The Sydney Arms, Crewe
25th TBC :: Sandbach Christmas Lights

1st 21:00 :: Penny Black, Wrexham
15th 21:00 :: The Cosey Club, Haslington

22nd 21:00 :: Penny Black, Wrexham